Speaker - Adam Moriarty

15 July 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

Opening the Vault - Open Data from Auckland Museum.

Auckland museum is undertaking a bold digital initiative in Future Museum, a strategic 20 year plan that will enable transformational change across the organisation and will reposition (Auckland Museum)[www.aucklandmuseum.com/collections] as a digital museum of the future. The foundational step toward Future Museum was the upgrade of the Museum’s online collections. Unbeknown to most only 10% of the Museum Collection is on display, the rest is kept safe hidden away in storerooms. Opening up collections digitally and providing an API to the raw data we are enabling a new audience and unprecedented access to a world renowned collection of cultural, scientific and archival artefacts. We have implemented both a REST API and a Linked Open Data endpoint that opens access to almost one million records. Our aim was simple, to open up everything to let everyone discover, access and use the public collections catalogue online. This is a complete shift in the traditions of the business and, the path to realise this goal has been an adventure in culture change of traditional museum ideology and methodology. I will present our journey into the depths of Linked data and reflect on both the technical and social development we have undergone to embrace this technology and to prepare ourselves for the future. See also Introducing Auckland Museum’s Collections Online 1 and Introducing Auckland Museum’s Collections Online 2


Adam Moriarty is the Digital Collections Information Manager at Auckland Museum, He is responsible for open access to to our shared cultural heritage and connecting digital content with the community.

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