Speaker - Glenn Block

15 July 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

Hypermedia Mythbusters

The emergence of Hypermedia systems has brought with it a bunch of “facts”. Some of the things you might hear are:

  • The web was built for Hypermedia.
  • There is no REST without Hypermedia
  • Hypermedia is the magic cure for all of your API ills.
  • With Hypermedia your API is guaranteed to be robust.

Some of what you hear is true and some, well, they are just urban legends.

Join this episode of Hypermedia Mythbusters and we’ll separate fact from fiction.


Glenn is Director of Product Management for Webtask at Auth0. The promise of Serverless is to greatly reduce the pain of deploying, managing, and scaling applications. Webtask provides a unique angle on this which has already provided tremendous value to Auth0’s customers for integrating and extending Auth0’s platform.

Glenn is also an active maintainer and contributor of several OSS projects including scriptcs. He is a polyglot with his most recent favorite language being node.js, and he is very passionate about Web API development. Glenn is a frequent speaker internationally on various topics that affect developers and a published author. You can find him tweeting as @gblock into the wee hours of the night.

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