Speaker - Markus Lanthaler

15 July 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

From Strings to Things to a Web of Services

The Web is undergoing a fundamental change from strings and keywords to structured data and things. More than 25% of all websites already contain structured information. Initiatives such as Schema.org allow search engines to extract and understand such data, integrate it, and create knowledge graphs to improve their services.

This keynote will give you a different perspective on Web APIs and introduce you to Linked Data, JSON-LD, and Hydra. It will show you how to build Hypermedia APIs on steroids and prepare you for the next evolution of the Web.


Creator of JSON-LD and Hydra, Google.

Markus Lanthaler is a software engineer at Google, one of the core designers of JSON-LD, and the inventor of Hydra. He’s an internationally recognized expert on Web architecture, Linked Data, and Hypermedia APIs. He has authored numerous papers, is a frequent speaker at conferences, and chairs the Hydra W3C Community Group. Markus Lanthaler holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science for his research on RESTful Web APIs and Linked Data.

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