Speaker - Thomas Cully

15 July 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

Building Fast APIs Using Single Class Microservices

A journey through the highs and lows of implementing a fast, scalable and complex RESTful JSON API on AWS - what worked, what didn’t and why - covering architecture, infrastructure and some unusual technologies and patterns. Since Martin Fowler’s seminal work on Microservices, this has become almost the de facto architectural style for designing and implementing nearly any application. The approach is however not without its pitfalls and we have seen a deluge of supporting technologies - some of which are fantastic while others have proven themselves to be less useful in practice. Let us take you through an account of how we built Ticketure, a complex scalable API on AWS for Area360.


Thomas Cully is a Cloud Architect at APITalent, and compulsive framework author. He has designed and written systems of all sizes for 20 years in contexts ranging from tiny startups to large internationals and governments. Today, he specialises in architecture and design for HA and Scale with API backends.

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