Speaker - Swithin Foote

22 August 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

APIculate: API Strategy, What’s the Point?

When building an API strategy, creating a capability or even just beginning an API journey one of the questions that we are often asked is “what is the point?”. This talk will focus on the process of getting to that point - the apiculate. How to define and promote a strategy and the key components and considerations involved. Based on a successful workshop it includes some helpful industry references and technology agnostic advice.


Swithin has been frantically connecting various computers, departments, people and strategies for 17 years across a range of industries. Born and bred in New Zealand he followed the setting sun, returning from a 2 year U.K. OE 11 years later! Whilst abroad he worked predominantly in the financial sector where he was involved in large and complex integrations such as the U.K. banking Faster Payments initiative. He is currently head of Integration at Middleware New Zealand, running a team of talented integrators and overseeing several large customer API programmes. He has recently co-authored an API Standards Guide for New Zealand Government.

Talk Slides

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