Speaker - Samson Phommachack & Matt Cobham

11 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

How to grow a startup on Government API’s

Amongst the boom of startups all around New Zealand, there is a new breed of startups emerging who are daring to venture into the Govt Tech space.

Vizbot is a Govt Tech startup showing Local Councils across New Zealand how opening up their APIs can mean the world of difference to their customers “us ratepayers”.

At Vizbot they are currently looking at ways to improve the way an applicant (builders, architects, etc.) applies for a building consent here in New Zealand. They believe the secret is in using APIs.

They’ve built a web application that simplifies and streamlines the building consent application process. The web app promises to reduce delays, increase transparency, provide visibility, and brings forth accountability in the building consenting process.

In their talk, they will take you on their journey of how they have used APIs to grow their startup, and share the good, the bad and the ugly.


Co-founders of Vizbot Twitter @vizbotnz

Samson Phommachack and Matt Cobham founded Vizbot in the first Govt Tech Business Incubator to be held in New Zealand. Samson, an entrepreneur, brings with him experience in working in Government; Matt, a serial entrepreneur and Civil Engineer. The peer have been working tirelessly to solve a big pain point for many New Zealanders. They couldn’t have come at a better time especially now with the problem that they are addressing has only become larger and more serious.

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