Speaker - Col Perks

12 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

API Design Aesthetics

APIs, or at least those that claim to follow RESTFulness, are based on an architectural style, not a standard. So, what role would aesthetics play in designing APIs? Can APIs be standardised? Can selecting a cloud service be a matter of API taste? Are there API Michelangelos and Picassos in the API world? In this talk we look at API design as a Style, considering the qualities that might make an API beautiful. And we look at some of those 1960’s Carparks of the API world.


I practice as an Architect. I work at integrating any software that might be integratable. Over the last 25 years the disciplines of architecture have changed dramatically, perhaps even disappeared. One constant remains. Integration. Which is why I love and hate APIs. I was brought up in the twilight of OSI, suffered through the standardised complexity of CORBA, dedicated myself to the order of the knights of WS-*, and over the last 10 years I’ve discovered what HTTP could do.

Talk Slides

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