Speaker - Gareth Evans & Rick Mugridge

12 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

Hypermedia API Architecture Patterns

Rick and Gareth have helped develop a number of Hypermedia APIs over the past 12 months for a range of companies. A number of interesting hypermedia API architectural patterns emerged along the way. This talk will distill and share these useful patterns.


Rick is an experienced agile and technical practices coach who has work in a range of industries, mainly involving enterprise applications. He has coached developers, architects, Project Managers, BAs, testers, UI designers, managers, and business stakeholders in agile/lean practices. The technical practices have included coding architect, continuous delivery, zero-defect code, OO design, disentangling code, test automation and test-driven development (TDD), executable specifications, refactoring, Domain Driven Design, and design patterns. He is an expert in these areas, as well as in concurrency and graph databases.

Gareth has over 16 years experience in the IT industry, including more than a decade in London working as a technologist, team leader and software coach. He is a speaker at NZ and international events. Gareth co-founded Hypr to champion Agile architecture and lean software delivery for the benefit of the NZ software industry.

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