Speaker - Igor Albornett

12 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

API delivery of APis: On-boarding Developers into our API platform.

New Zealand Post has been building a rich landscape of APIs over the past few years. Last year we identified the on-boarding of developers, partners and customers into our API Platform as a key pain point that needed some improvement. Up until that time, we were handling requests for access, customer data, and workflows in a very manual and inefficient manner.

We set out to design a solution to handle on-boarding that would use actual APIS to handle information between systems and people, by leveraging existent capabilities and technologies. This paper describes the process, design and outcome of that improvement initiative, with particular interest in some of the technologies used to deliver this service, which are, of course, APIs.


Broad thinker, working at the intersection of technology, business growth and innovation, delivering simple and intelligent solutions to complex business problems. Currently exploring APIs Architectures, artificial intelligence, blockchains and automation.

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