Speaker - Michael Barker

12 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

Reactive & Asynchronous - Adventures with APIs in Financial Trading

The financial trading world has had a long history of distributed APIs and protocols. This talk will crack open the lid on a few of these APIs and look at what properties they have allow for them to be used on systems that have sub 100 microsecond mean latency or generate in excess of 10 million messages a second. It will compare them to more contemporary HTTP/REST/JSON/XML-like solution to look at how they differ and how some of the ideas can be adapted to improve the performance and monitorablility of your own APIs.


Michael Barker is the Head of Software for Asia/Pacific at LMAX Exchange and coded his way across the entire stack, but has mostly focused on the infrastructure layers, specifically reliable messaging, remoting, data storage/journalling, high availability, and making all of the above as fast as possible.

Michael currently maintains the LMAX Disruptor open source project and has made a smattering of OSS contributions elsewhere.

Burger connoisseur and F1 fan.

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