Speaker - Paul Williams

12 September 2016 – Posted by Gareth Evans

When Worlds Collide - APIs in a Legacy SOA environment

APIs are a new and incredibly powerful mechanism to rapidly deliver value to customers leveraging DevOps approaches and sophisticated tools. This works brilliantly in a “green-fields” development environment where you are not held back by existing technology solutions. This talk will focus on how to approach the cases where you don’t have this luxury and you need to integrate back into a legacy SOA environment. We will cover what are the most appropriate techniques and patterns for bridging the gap between and API centric approach and a legacy SOA environment based on our recent experience with a large government client.


Paul has 18 years’ experience in IT Architecture and Software Engineering within New Zealand with a strong coding background. He specialises in Systems Integration, Software Systems Architecture, Software Engineering, and Enterprise Architecture. Prior to joining PwC, Paul was Enterprise Architect at Vector Ltd. Within this role, he was accountable for all IT technology strategies, roadmaps, Enterprise Architecture modelling, and the IT Asset Management Plan. Paul’s industry experience includes technology, energy utilities, telecommunications and local government.

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