Speaker - Nisha Clark

27 September 2016 – Posted by Damian Harvey

Disruption in Telecommunications - What will the Telco industry look like in 2020

The relentless change around core telecommunications businesses—including the non stop innovation around non-traditional business models such as Internet of Things, identity management, mPayments, and evolving communications technologies—will present both new challenges and growth opportunities for telecommunications companies.
What role will API’s play to expose the extensive range of network and IT assets e.g. IoT, identity management, location, number provisioning, SMS, subscriber data management to deliver these Value Added Services?

i.e. What will Telco industry look like in 2020?


Nisha is an experienced Technology Executive with extensive experience in the Telecommunications industry. Nisha’s focus this year is on capability uplift, innovation, digital transformation,system/platform convergence and world class customer experience.

Nisha is deeply passionate about New Zealand inc and building high performing teams to help make NZ a great place to live and work.

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