Thursday 6th October

Day1 Technical Track Strategy Track
8:15 Registration
9:00 Welcome to APIdays - Saul Caganoff and Gareth Evans
9:15 Keynote: Lillian Grace - Data as a language
10:00 Keynote: Glenn Block - Hypermedia Myths and Misconceptions
10:45 Coffee Break
11:05 Kirsten Hunter - Irresistible APIs. Simon Raik-Allen - The Role of the CTO in Product & Platform Development.
11:45 Barak Chamo - GraphQL for the RESTful crowd Rajeev Ramani - Go Digital or Die Trying
12:25 Lunch
13:10 Sebastian Daschner - Putting Hypermedia Back in REST with JAX-RS and Java EE Adam Moriarty - Opening the Vault - Open Data from Auckland Museum.
13:50 Steven Cooper - Machine learning your way to smarter API error responses. Swithin Foote - APIculate: API Strategy, What&s the Point?
14:30 Thomas Cully - Building Fast APIs Using Single Class Microservices: Ticketure by Area360 David Hay - HL7 FHIR: the API for healthcare
15:10 Afternoon break
15:30 Martina Iglesias - Automatic discovery of service metadata for systems at scale Ian Randall - APIs at Pushpay - A Continuous Delivery Story
16:10 Justin Wood & Giovanni Vigorelli - API Specification Shootout Aimee Whitcroft - Open Data and APIs: fueling innovation
16:50 Abhishek Tiwari - Stored Procedures as a Service Ian Vanstone - API Strategies - Tips for Leaders
17:30 Networking Drinks brought to you by Pushpay

Friday 7th October

Technical Track Strategy Track
8:30 Set up
9:00 Keynote: Expert Panel - IBM, Westpac, Certus, and Enable discuss APIs.
9:45 Keynote: Markus Lanthaler - From Strings to Things to a Web of Services
10:30 Gareth Evans and Rick Mugridge - Hypermedia API Architecture Patterns Samson Phommachack and Matt Cobham - How to grow a startup on Government APIs
11:10 Coffee Break
11:30 Glenn Block - Distributed workflows with hypermedia clients Andrew Wilshire - MegaTrends affecting Financial Services and the Open Banking Agenda
12:10 Paul Williams - When Worlds Collide - APIs in a Legacy SOA environment Saul Caganoff - Your Business as a Platform
12:50 Lunch
13:35 Col Perks - API Design Aesthetics Ian Vanstone - Preparing the organisation for decentralised integration
14:15 Michael Barker - Reactive & Asynchronous - Adventures with APIs in Financial Trading Axel Grosse - Implementing an API Platform : lessons learned from real life customers
14:55 Christiano Borchardt and James Corbett - Implementing Hypermedia API. A front-end and back-end retrospective. Nisha Clark - Disruption in Telecommunications - What will the Telco industry look like in 2020
15:35 Afternoon break
16:00 Todd Brackley - Building hypermedia clients Niket Mohey - The Rise of the Composable Enterprise
16:40 Anupama Natarajan - Designing Pragmatic RESTful APIs Mark Sim-Smith - Air New Zealand’s API Journey (so far).
17:20 Conference Close - Saul Caganoff and Gareth Evans
17:40 End of Conference
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